back NOUN 1) the rear surface of the human body from the shoulders to the hips. 2) the corresponding upper surface of an animal's body. 3) the side or part of something away from the viewer. 4) the side or part of an object that is not normally seen or used. 5) a player in a team game who plays in a defensive position behind the forwards.
ADVERB 1) in the opposite direction from that in which one is facing or travelling. 2) so as to return to an earlier or normal position. 3) into the past. 4) in return.
VERB 1) give support to. 2) walk or drive backwards. 3) bet money on (a person or animal) winning a race or contest. 4) (back on/on to) (of a building or other structure) have its back facing or adjacent to. 5) cover the back of. 6) provide musical accompaniment to (a singer or musician). 7) (of the wind) change direction anticlockwise around the points of the compass.
ADJECTIVE 1) of or at the back. 2) in a remote or subsidiary position. 3) relating to the past.
back and forth — Cf. ↑back and forth
the back of beyond — Cf. ↑the back of beyond
back down — Cf. ↑back down
back off — Cf. ↑back off
back out — Cf. ↑back out
back to front — Cf. ↑back to front
back up — Cf. ↑back up
behind someone's back — Cf. ↑behind someone's back
get (or put) someone's back up — Cf. ↑put someone's back up
put one's back into — Cf. ↑put one's back into
turn one's back on — Cf. ↑turn one's back on
with one's back to (or up against) the wall — Cf. ↑with one's back up against the wall
DERIVATIVES backer noun backless adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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